Reno Land Inc. Supports The Washoe County School District’s Save Our Schools Campaign and the Boys & Girls Club

Reno Land Inc. believes the best way to invest in the community is through efforts that support children. This past year we are proud to have made an impact on some of the region’s most important needs, including The Washoe County School District’s Save Our Schools Campaign and the Boys & Girls Club.

The company assumed a large public facing role as advocates throughout the SOS campaign—a critical $800 million school bond designed to fund the renovation and construction of new schools for the district. Important to one of the final fundraising rounds of the campaign, Reno Land Inc. hosted a harvest festival and carnival at Rancharrah for families to provide education on the initiative and encourage “yes” votes on the ballot as well as gathering additional funds. In total, Reno Land Inc.’s monetary donations totaled more than $350,000, but we were most proud of the role we played in getting the votes needed for the successful passage of Washoe County 1.

This last year Reno Land was also the title sponsor at this year’s Boys & Girls Club “Day for Kids” event held on Sept 16th at Reno High School where attendees enjoyed a free BBQ lunch, free shirts and tons of family-friendly activities. A sneak peek at what we have planned for the Jack T. Reviglio Cioppino Feed and Auction on February 24, 2018 is a special auction item currently under construction. We will be donating a Mini Mansion Playhouse which replicates the Harrah Mansion, soon to be the new home of The Club at Rancharrah. This whimsical playhouse is a tribute to the legendary and iconic structure a should bring top dollar to help fund the Boys & Girls Club efforts.

Additional causes that Reno Land proudly supported this year were The American Heart Association and Renown Regional Health initiatives.