Rancharrah Revival

Chip Bowlby is remaking the city, starting with a glossy refashioning of the historic Harrah estate. His marriage to Christina Caramella, a daughter of old Reno, keeps him balanced.

To see Chip Bowlby stride up the steps of Rancharrah, the historic Reno property his company is developing, his Brioni trousers creased by lasers; to watch him kibitz with other members of Northern Nevada’s landed class on the greens at Montreux; to observe the scores of meetings with important business men and woman on important business; to notice the martini cufflinks emerging from the sleeves of an unnamed (though beautifully tailored) jacket as spreadsheets and studies and renderings surround him – to think, “Now there is a man who has never gotten his hands dirty.”
You might think that, and you would be very wrong.

“My mother worked for a housing and commercial developer where I grew up in Missouri,” says Bowlby, who will be 52 on Sept. 23 “When I was a kid, I picked up trash. I’ve been a farmer, a roofer, a plumber, I was an electrician.”

Bowlby founded his first real estate company in 1988 at 24. By the early 2000s, Bowlby’s Monterey Development Group and its partner were building thousands of residential units in California, Idaho and Nevada (locally, for instance, he developed parts of Arrowcreek and Somersett).

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Chip Bowlby