Plans for Park Lane Property Revealed

The former site of the Park Lane Mall is moving ahead with redevelopment. But before building can start, utilities under the vacant lot have to be moved.

The developer, Reno Land Inc. says sewer and storm drains need to be relocated. The estimated cost to move utilities is $11 million. On Wednesday, the Reno City Council agreed to consider subsidizing about $3.5 million of that.

“It’s a great opportunity for what we all want to see there,” said Reno City Councilman Oscar Delgado.

The Reno City Council voted unanimously to explore their options to help out the developer with millions of dollars in infrastructure cost. That’s because the former Park Lane Mall site faces challenges. Large storm drains and sewer lines cut across the property. With much of the space serving as a giant parking lot, it didn’t pose a problem in the past. For construction to start on buildings, the developer says those utilities need to move.

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