Commercial Project will Open Portion of the Rancharrah Estate to the Community

Ryan Canaday
KTVN Channel 2

In a recent acquisition from Reno Land Inc., Tolles Development is now in charge of a nearly 13 acre corner lot of the Rancharrah Estate.

There’s still some landscaping and construction that needs to be done at the site, but soon enough the grassy field is going to be a $40 million location known as ‘The Village.’

“A mixed use, retail, commercial type of environment that’s going to be very complimentary to the residential side,” said Par Tolles, founder of Tolles Development. “It’s going to be that one area of Rancharrah that’s open to everybody.”

The walkable indoor, outdoor space will feature an array of dining and shopping options, with amenities that compliment Reno’s four seasons. The look and feel of the area will be similar to that of Midtown, with a few distinct differences.

“We can put down buildings where we want them to be, parking where we want it to be, so it’ll be a bit more easily accessible,” said Tolles.

But it’s not just an easy drive that developers say is the real draw. A new experience at a historic site will bring people in, but it’s what customers see at the venue that’ll make them want to stay.

“When you see the view of the mansion, you see the view of Mt. Rose, it’s going to be a place that you want to spend some time,” said Tolles.

Developers have yet to announce any tenants, but they hope to do so in the coming months. Construction for ‘The Village’ will begin by the end of summer and the project will be complete by late 2019 or early 2020.

Source: KTVN Channel 2

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